My research foci are historical linguistics, language typology, and language documentation and conservation. I also conduct research on Hawaiian Creole English (Hawai’i Pidgin) and the linguistics of writing systems and numeral systems. Other interests include animacy hierachies, inverse voice, and ethnomusicology language documentation. I am interested in the interfaces between historical linguistics, typology, and language acquisition in revitalization contexts. I am currently studying the linguistic typology of base numerals in natural languages.

In 2022, Dr. Andrea Berez-Kroeker (PI), Dr. Bradley McDonnell (co-PI), Dr. Lauren Collister, and I co-edited the volume The Open Handbook of Linguistic Data Management, published with MIT Press. Other 2022 publications were: Language Nests with undergraduate student co-authors (Oxford University Press) and “A linguistic look at the Hopewell: the archaeology and historical linguistics of ancient North America” in Language Change and Linguistic Diversity: Studies in Honour of Lyle Campbell (Edinburgh University Press). As of 2023, I organized a panel session on Hawaiian Creole English at the Society of Pidgin and Creole Linguistics with participating scholars from the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa and the University of Bern.